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Isabelle Schramm 

Psychologist (FSP) and mental coach

Whatever the changes or the objectives set, I can support you at every step and provide sound advice in the field of physical and artistic activity, all levels and ages.


Who am I ?


Former dancer of the Grand Théâtre de Genève, I offer accompaniments of  physical and artistic activity, all ages and level : health, leisure, professional. 

Contact me to start an interview at the practice or by Zoom.

Languages  : French, German and English

CV :

2009 - 2013 Ballet of the Grand Théâtre de Genève

2013 - 2021 Freelance dancer in Switzerland, Germany and France  

2019 - Bachelor in Psychology, Fernuniversität Hagen, Germany

2021  - Master in Psychology, University of Geneva, Switzerland

2024 - Diplom of Advanced  Studies (DAS) in Sports Psychology, EPFL -UNILausanne, Switzerland  

Cours de yoga

Support and  Prevention

A holistic approach in psychological and mental support.

Mental preparation

Define and set physical and mental goals.


Support and advice in physical and mental recovery.

Contact me

You face a difficulty  ? Contact me and let's study the possibilities of collaboration

Di-M Center  - Place de Grenus, 10  -  1201 Geneva

0041 788815112

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